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Chevrolet – Advertising

The challenge
As part of Chevrolet’s advertising agency panel, we were tasked with creating several advertising and promotional materials for the Sonic, Colorado, Orlando, and Cruze line of vehicles. The challenge here was to showcase each of the models in a way that highlights their unique characteristics.

The method
By playing upon the attributes and highlights of each of the vehicles, we created individual advertising designs, tailored to showcase these traits. And for Sonic and Colorado, we came up with full advertising campaigns set to reach the desired target market.

The outcome
With unique advertising concepts for each of the models, the advertising and promotional campaign spanned across a wide range of media ranging from Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line ads. As for the Sonic’s full ad campaign, we highlighted a fun and joyful concept with the tagline ‘Fun Ride Now’. And along with the advertising materials, we also created a Sonic airbrushing contest targeted towards university students where we also integrated Facebook for the voting process. While for the Colorado, we went with a design concept that highlights firm, steady and stable qualities.

Client: Naza Quest
Project Item: Advertising to promote Chevrolet cars.